News about Split Rock

A very Vineyard book … a great, moving read.

Carly Simon

2019 International Book Awards, BEST WOMEN’S FICTION

2019 Independent Publisher Awards, BEST ADULT FICTION

National Indie Excellence Awards, BEST WOMEN’S FICTION

National Indie Excellence Awards, BEST REGIONAL FICTION

William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition, BEST NOVEL

Praise for Split Rock:

In this debut novel, a married woman confronts her might-have-beens and searches for her true self. An intelligent, sensitive storyteller with a strong sense of place, vividly evoking Martha’s Vineyard’s residents, landmarks, shops, and atmosphere, Eger writes dialogue, creates characters, and develops her tale with great skill […] This well-written work benefits from the heroine’s admirable willingness to examine herself honestly.

Kirkus Reviews

Annie must deal with grieving her aunt, inheriting a dog, being a single parent, and the reappearance of Chase, her first love, while her romantic notions of the Vineyard—and people—are tested […] Eger’s prose is smooth and polished, and story’s highlights include pivotal ocean scenes that pull the reader into the tumultuous water alongside Annie.

Publisher’s Weekly

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What readers are saying:

Refreshing to find a book that is easy to read without being a typical romance novel. The romance here is multilayered. Annie’s romance with the island is as fascinating as is her romance with her family and husband. Both are challenged and tested throughout the story, and the journey involves the reader both in her life and in her very being. This is the kind of book you want to curl up with on the couch for the weekend.

Amazon Reviewer

What a joy to read your novel, Split Rock! The book captures the atmosphere and feel of the island perfectly. What a gift you have given us. Bless you and your writing. I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a book more.

Website Reviewer

Thank you so much for the gift this book was — of love, and beauty and savoring — savoring the Vineyard, relationships, every ordinary beautiful moment.

Amazon Reviewer

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